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Law’s Observatory


Anchor Intro

Every Wednesday evening, weather permitting, students are welcome to view the starry skies atop the Physics’ building.


SLUGmmdd                            TRT: 1:28

XXXX                                                    SOC


Pavel Bosovik                          TRT: 14                                                OC: “look through it”


 “So tonight, I found out that there is a huge telescope at Mizzou, and I got an opportunity to look through it”


The Central Missouri Astronomical Association has teamed up with the University for the past 18 years and has taken students on star tours ever since.



Val Germann                          TRT: 29                                                OC: “view of the city”

“We open from 8-10, and uhh, we open this room. We have various artifacts here, telescopes, and photographs, things and displays on astronomy and then upstairs we have a 16-inch telescope and we’ll show the moon, the planets, whatever’s up, and uhh we also have the roof open. You can walk out on the roof and get a view of the city.”


            For many students, it was their first time looking through a telescope, and seeing the stars up close left a lasting impression.


Boaz Bett                                TRT: 16                                                            OC: “really interesting”

“I saw the moon. I saw the moon up close, which was really interesting”


            As the music played on, students aimed their gaze upward, but students had mixed review on which planet was their favorite.


Hannah Rodriguez                  TRT: 28                                                OC: “great experience”

“uhh Jupiter was really, really cool. We got to see all of its moons and the rings”


Marilyn Haigh

“We saw the moon and Jupiter”


Quinn Malloy

“and we saw its rings, which was pretty dope, pretty dope”



“wow, that’s just, it was just phenomenal”



“Pluto, I miss Pluto”



“I kinda, I kinda like Venus”



“Pluto should just come back”



“If you haven’t, if you haven’t checked out this awesome telescope, I would definitely, definitely dedicate an evening or two. You can make it a date. It’s a great experience”


            From atop the Physics’ Building, I’m Justin Kollar.


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